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Insurance Funds

Along with our substantial private sector client-base, Allen Associates also manages three different public sector insurance funds: 

  1. The Southern Coastal Fund (Medical)

  2. The RxAlliance (Prescription)

  3. The Dental Alliance (Dental)

An insurance fund is built on the simple and powerful idea of shared services—a pool allowing municipalities, schools, and other public entities to give choice and value for employees while delivering savings for members. Owned and governed by its members, the surpluses belong to them—not insurance companies.


Some qualities of an insurance fund include:

  • Safe, stable, transparent service record

  • Eliminates insurance company profit

  • Streamlined claims management and data reporting

  • Emphasizes the health and wellness of members

  • Members make the rules and design flexible plans

  • Members can duplicate existing plans or customize plans based on specific needs


The Southern Coastal Regional Employee Benefits Fund was formed in 2011 and is available to primarily serve governmental entities and school districts in Atlantic, Cape May, Salem and Cumberland Counties. The Fund contracts with Aetna and AmeriHealth (medical), Express Scripts (pharmacy) and Delta Dental (dental).


  • 5 Year Increase: 3.68% 

  • Average increase since inception (in 2015): 4.54%

  • Current Annual Budget: over $148.5 million

  • Total Entities: 29

  • Total Employees: 6,190

  • Total Members: 16,713

  • Fund surplus: over $10 million


The RxAlliance is a fully funded prescription trust offered to public sector entities across New Jersey. Benecard is the Prescription Benefit Administrator for the RxAlliance and was ranked #1 in Overall Client Satisfaction Survey for the Last 7 Years.

  • 5 Year Increase: 3.2% 

  • Average increase since inception (in 2011): 5.61%

  • Current Annual Budget: over $84.5 million

  • Total Entities: 68

  • Total Employees: 15,408

  • Total Members: 39,087


The DentalAlliance is a fully insured dental trust offered to public sector entities across New Jersey and run by Delta Dental.

  • Average increase since inception (in 2015): .28%

  • Current Annual Budget: approx. $8 million

  • Total Entities: 33

  • Total Employees: 8,690

  • Total Members: 23,015

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