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Our Story

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Stanley H. Allen was a virtuous man hailing from the mountains of Lovingston, Virginia. He was a jack-of-all-trades who was loved by many. In the 1950s he moved to Southern New Jersey and became an insurance agent for State Farm. In 1960, with his devoted wife, Jean, by his side, he decided to start his own firm in the basement of their home.

Stan worked diligently to build up the business. Methodically, his persistent yet personable approach, enabled him to gain an ever-growing client base.


By the 1980s when the company began to grow, Stan recruited the assistance of his two sons, Richard and Robert. After Stan’s untimely passing in 1993, Richard and Robert became partners and brought the business to new heights. Going from: 

  • A basement to four separate offices. 

  • Two employees to a dedicated staff of well over 20. 

  • Single digit clients to a client-base of approximately 300.


Although most of our staff have been with us for multiple decades, we have also welcomed newcomers including Rich’s son, Corey Allen and his son-in-law, Dan Peretti. Not only does our staff stick around but so do our clients - with multiple groups employing our services for 30-40 years.


We know all of this success is because of Stan’s values and ethical approach to doing business. These concepts along with unrivaled service remain the priority of the entire Allen Associates staff, ensuring his traditions live on. 

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