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Guardian Nurses 2023_edited.jpg
Guardian Nurses 2023_edited.jpg

Guardian Nurses

As a member of the Southern Coastal HIF you have access to the Mobile Care Coordinators from Guardian Nurses. They will be your guide and coach while traversing through the world of health care needs. They are equipped to help make appointments, accompany members to doctor visits and diagnostic testing, ask questions and get answers for patients, arrange second opinion visits to specialists, visit hospital patients and much more. We are proud to provide such skilled, compassionate and caring nurses to be by your side when struggling through a healthcare issue.


Wellness Initiatives

We believe in wellness and the positive effect it has on workforce morale, employee attendance and lower plan costs. Examples range from nutritional planning, health fairs, fitness instruction, stress management and/or illness prevention. In the Southern Coastal HIF each entity has the opportunity to apply for a customized wellness grant. 


More to come!

We are constantly trying to build on our list of offerings so that our clients are happy and healthy!

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