Health Plan Transition Procedures

//Health Plan Transition Procedures
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At Allen Associates we are specialists in transitioning private and public sector employer groups to new carriers.  Our meticulous approach to all phases of these efforts enables us to methodically facilitate a cumbersome and potentially disruptive change, giving your employees the security of our “hands on” personal service.

Pre-enrollment Allen Associates schedules a pre-enrollment meeting with your personnel department and key employees to establish an action plan for the transition.

Processing the transition To make your transition smooth, Allen Associates assists you in completing necessary applications and filings when changing from your current plan.  We also notify all affected employees – current, retirees and COBRA employees – and schedule pre-enrollment meetings.

Enrollment During the enrollment process, Allen Associates facilitates communications with your employees by distributing enrollment packets, and performing employee orientation meetings and Q&A sessions at work sites.

Post Enrollment To complete the transition, Allen Associates reviews procedures with necessary departments, delivers ID cards and benefit information, and introduces the staff to appropriate service representatives.

Plan Maintenance Beyond the transition, Allen Associates continuously services the ongoing needs of both employees and administrative personnel.