Dear Mr. Allen:

I am an employee of the Vineland Board of Education. Specifically, I am a Guidance Counselor at Johnstone School. During my five years at Johnstone, I have had to call your office for assistance with my sometimes complicated medical insurance issues. I want to tell you how much I appreciate the assistance I have received.

First of all, it is so nice to speak to a person and not to be directed to press a number. It immediately puts me at ease and assures me that I will receive service and, excellent service it is.

I want to pay tribute to two of your employees, Annie Martinez-Jiminez and Rose Meimbresse. Both are polite and helpful individuals and have taken care of the issues I have presented. But it is with Rose, because that is how she always introduces herself, that I have had the most interaction.

She is courteous, responsive, thorough, and always takes care of the problem no matter how many times she must address it. She tells me what she will do, does it, reports back to me and follows up until the problem is resolved. How could I ask for more?

Service of this level has always been rare and I must compliment you and your staff for the high standard of professionalism that I have come to expect, but never take for granted. Thank you very much.


Karen McKinney
Gloucester City, NJ