Group Employee Benefits and Services

Dina Murray

Vice President of Contract Services
Ext. 118

Richard Alessandrini

Vice President of Employee Benefits
Ext. 116

G. Larry Miller


Lewis Thompson

Senior Account Executive Consultant

Gerry Cowan

Senior Health Benefit Consultant

Debbie Biondi

Group Health Administrative Manager
Ext. 122

Rose Meimbresse

Benefit Specialist
Ext. 114

Lindsey Thompson-Warfle

Group Health Administrative Sales / Compliance Manager
Ext. 123

Annie Martinez-Jimenez

Benefit Specialist
Ext. 119

Financial Services

John Bartuccio

Ext. 115

Tracey A. Fabrico-Basile

Ext 129

R. Todd Edwards

Government Relations/Consultant

Administrative Services

Courtney Banasiak

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Ext. 117

Glenn Lillie

Director of Marketing and Business Development
Ext. 127

Abbie J. Carr

Account Manager
Ext. 121